5 ways to persuade yourself to take that villa vacation in Catalonia

Doubting the villa vacation? Not booked yet? Come off that fence! Read on…


Not too sure where Catalonia is but can I afford to get there? Before waxing lyrical about the delights of a villa stay in Catalonia, it can be handy to know that you can get there affordably and easily. The two main airports are in Barcelona (El Prat) and Girona (Costa Brava airport), both of which are serviced by various low budget airlines such as easyJet and Vueling. The usual car-hire outfits populate the concourse and Spain remains one of the cheaper countries in Europe to rent a vehicle.

I will not blow my entire vacation budget on flights and car rental.

OK. I can afford to get to Catalonia, but where is it? Look at this map. In the unlikely event that Catalonia does not blow your mind, console yourself with the thought that you can escape across the French border in next to no time.

Catalonia is only two hours flight from most places in Europe and only 2 hours drive to France if I need to bolt.

Villa and pool

How much?! I’m not paying € 8500 for a week! How many of you are there? Let’s say 20 in the group and you’ll stay 7 nights. Using a very advanced mathematical formula, that’s about € 61 per person per night (including taxes) and for this price you can expect your own suite, a private pool, fully equipped kitchen and a house-keeper. Admittedly, the price is more that you’d pay for camping but the value of renting an entire villa is excellent when compared against any 5-star hotel.

The cost is less than last year and I get more than last year.

Fully equipped kitchen? Sounds like glorified self-catering. You decide. If you want your fridge pre-stocked with local produce and fine wine, just say the word. If you really don’t want to trouble yourself with food preparation, there are two good options: firstly, make sure there is at least one person in your group that loves to cook for others; secondly, hire a chef. Chef services range from evening meals only to full-board, and they will take into account the strange dietary requirements of Aunty Mavis. Back-up plan – excellent local restaurants.

Great food options, no kitchen time.


Wiki says Catalonia is very hot. Sounds like it’s too hot. That’s Wikipedia for you, spoiling it all by stating the facts. The truth is that temperatures can touch 30 C in the summer with up to 10 hours of sunshine daily. But there is more to do than roast in the sun: swim in the sea, surf, fish, drive in to the Pyrenees mountains, ski a day or two, chill in the cool interiors of Gothic cathedrals, go wine tasting, shop in Barcelona or Girona, bask in the glory of Gaudi’s genius, check out Barcelona’s football stadium, see a match, attend a festival, hop cafes, try local eateries… just make it up.

I can make it to Barcelona’s home game and be back into time for supper. The chef serves dinner by the pool at dusk.

See you in Catalonia!