We hope this FAQ provides the answers you are looking for. If not, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer to your question.

Happy travelling, The VIDAVILLA Team.

Are the villas equipped with air-conditioning?

That depends on the location and the time of year you are renting the villa. Some villas may have central air conditioning while others cool just the bedrooms.

Are there any restrictions regarding children?

While most villas welcome children, there may be restrictions that depend on the unique villa owner and the villa’s location. Some owners may place age restrictions or ask for liability waivers. Many properties have swimming pools, (roof) terraces or balconies and therefore children must be supervised at all times.

What is the cost to rent a villa?

There are villas for every budget. Costs vary per villa depending on size, location, time of year, and number of guests.

Do you offer discounted weekly rates?

Discounts are at the discretion of the property owner and we will advertise when they are being offered. Discounts may also be considered for longer stays and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Is there a minimum night stay?

Each villa typically has a minimum stay and this varies for different periods throughout the year. In peak periods, the minimum stay is usually 7 nights. At other times this may be relaxed. In off-peak periods, the minimum stay is often 3 nights although there may be then a supplement per night.

Is is possible to get an ‘option’ on a villa prior to confirming a booking?

Most owners recognise that you need to explore possibilities before finailzing and making your booking. Where an owner does grant an ‘option’ on a property, it will be for a limited time (they will specify how long) and the owner will reserve the right to ask you to make a decision before the option lapses if an alternative booking wishes to confirm earlier.

What services are available in a villa?

Each villa has a list of services that are included in the price. For example, linen, towels, or weekly maid service. In most cases, it is also possible request other servics for which they will be a separate charge such as a cook, nanny, airport pick-up, etc.

Is the pool shared with other guests?

The vast majority of our villas have their own private pools and are for your exclusive use. Occasionally, some may be shared with other guests in small villa communities.

Is there any night life? How far away?

That depends on the villa and its location. Some villas are fairly secluded, with the intention of providing maximum privacy. You may also rent a villa right in the heart of town and close to bars and restaurants.

Who would be our contact for anything we may need while we are there?

When you travel, you will be provided with the contact information of the property owner or their representative who typically lives on the property or very close by. In most villas, there is also an information pack providing additional contact information.

Are cribs or baby beds available?

Most villas will be able to arrange for cribs or baby beds providing your requirements are known at the time of booking. Whether these are provided as a service or charged separetely can be clarified at time of booking.

Is the price of the unit per person?

No, all the villa prices are for the entire villa. Unoccupied rooms are never rented out to other guests. If your party size exceeds the listed optimum number of guests, an owner may then ask for a supplement.

What are some extra expenses (e.g. travel from airport to villa)?

The villa rental does not include food, beverages, transportation, activities, tax or gratuities.

How much privacy will we have around the property?

Most of our properties are as secluded and private as your own home, often with land or vegetation providing a buffer. Some resort community villas may be attached, but remain private units for you and your guests only.

Is there Internet access and satelite TV?

Most of our villas have Internet access of one form or another: fixed line or wireless. Connection speed, costs and the equipment available varies. TV connections and channels vary depending on the location. Please enquire when making a booking.