Sitges Beach Guide

Platja Sant Sebantia

After months of dreaming about your Catalonia vacation, you’ve finally made it to Sitges. The villa has exceeded expectations, the sky is bluer than the brochure promised, the sun hangs high and shines bright − time to head for the beach.

But which beach? Sitges has over 34 beaches in all sizes and flavours offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for remote and romantic, buzzy and busy and happening, or simply want to catch some rays down-town, Sitges delivers.

The VIDAVILLA team has put together a little guide of the best of Sitges beaches which we hope will help you navigate your way around the main various bays, inlets, and coves.

Platja Sant Sebastiá: A charming, sandy beach just to the east of the Baluard headland and Sitges church. Located right below the Old Town, this beach is popular amongst all groups of people. There are several laid-back bars and restaurants right there on the front serving drinks and tapas. Parking is difficult but you can easily walk there in ten minutes from Sitges.

Platja de la Fragata: The first of eleven beaches stretching all the way to the Terramar Hotel, this fine family beach is overlooked by the town’s medieval, whitewashed church. Throughout the summer, there are volleyball nets on the beach or you could rent a peddle-boat and take to the sea for an hour or so. You are close the shops and Sitges’ main shopping street. There is limited paid parking (usually tough to find space though).

Platja de la Ribera: One of the larger beaches, it’s very close to the town centre and can get quite busy. Anyone and everyone use this beach and, if you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of the water-front apartments, you can finish breakfast and be lying on the sand in under five minutes. Paid parking is available along the sea-front.

Sitges beaches
Sitges beach-life

Platja d’Aiguadolç: This is Sitges’ most easterly beach. Wearing bathing suits is optional as the beach is also a popular destination for nudists. This beach is relatively secluded being about fifteen minutes walk from the beach before it. Very clean, fairly private − great for an afternoon of relaxation.

Platja dels Balmains: One of the three beaches located to the east of Sitges main church. The crowd is mostly nudist but, don’t worry, wearing your bathing suit is also permitted. This beach is picturesque and is back-dropped by mountains (other beaches have more buildings, cafe, and apartments closer by). Restricted, paid parking is available.

Platja de la Rodona: This comparatively thin strip of sand is Sitges’ main gay beach. It’s always buzzing with people, music, and sun-worshipers. Well defined muscles, tight t-shirts and taut Brazilian-style trunks are de rigueur. You can walk to the beach from the town centre in 15 minutes and there is restricted, paid parking available along the front.

Platja de l’Estanyol and Platja de la Riera Xica: Both long, sandy and lively beaches, popular with all groups of people. There are always a range on activities in progress from football and volleyball, to swimming and outdoor yoga sessions. Paid parking available along the front.

Platja de la Barra: Shaped more like a cove than the other beaches nearer the town, this destination if popular with all groups. Being just that few additional minutes further from Sitges town centre, this beach is often less crowded in comparison with the more central alternatives.

Platja de Terramar: A little further still from the main central beaches, this beach also offers a more relaxed alternative for all groups. Come lunch time, or for that matter if an aperitif is required, the Hotel Terramar offers both food and liquid refreshment. Paid parking is available.

Platja de les Anquines: This is the most westerly of the Sitges beaches. It’s a small and relatively secluded cover offering peace and quiet for all groups. Paid parking is available close by.

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