Festivals in Catalonia

Giants festival 2014

Festivals in Catalonia – loud, musical magical, serene, wild, spiritual, floral… they have it all. No one can create a festival like the Catalans and there are hundreds of festivals each year. While some have religious roots, others are musical ranging from sea shanties to flamenco to house. Festivals vary in scale with some villages arranging their own local events to entire city neighbourhoods... Continue reading

SKETCH: Reluctantly on a villa vacation in Catalonia

Villa vacation in Catalonia

I’m standing at Barcelona airport and it’s all my wife’s fault. I don’t want a villa vacation in Catalonia, I don’t speak Spanish, I don’t like her extended family, and the thought of being trapped with them for week in a rental makes me wince. Yet here I am among their happy, pale and expectant faces waiting for luggage to arrive on carousel 3. The name of the airport... Continue reading

Keeping cool in Catalonia

Park Guell Barcelona

COOL YOUR VISIT. Tropical heat stoked by a relentless sun is not for everyone. July, August and September in Catalonia boast daily highs touching 30 C and the weather man guarantees about 10 hours of sunshine. Not for you? Then consider being cool in the cooler months. October is rather lovely at around 22 C (with 6 hours of sun daily) and May is about the same (but with 8 hours of sun). While seeking... Continue reading

Sitges Beach Guide

Sitges beaches

After months of dreaming about your Catalonia vacation, you’ve finally made it to Sitges. The villa has exceeded expectations, the sky is bluer than the brochure promised, the sun hangs high and shines bright − time to head for the beach. But which beach? Sitges has over 34 beaches in all sizes and flavours offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for remote and romantic,... Continue reading